Who Do We Help?

Melbourne Property Investors, acting as Project Managers & Financier's (Bank) Superintendents, has helped many developers take control of their projects - delivering these projects in a timely manner, within budget and achieving excellent financial returns for the shareholders.

Are you a Property Developer in Melbourne or an existing Developer from Overseas wanting to deliver residential/commercial projects in Melbourne?  We can help you!

Why do so many Developers approach Melbourne Property Investors for help?

Property Development is a stressful process.  You need to consider many factors - acquisition, feasibility studies, planning permits, product design, sales & marketing, builders, construction, finance funding and taxation.

You might be thinking "Project Manager? I can do that myself." Or perhaps you've tried project management in the past and it didn't work.  The reason why developers often fail, when it comes to project management, is that the concepts are easy to understand in theory, but difficult to put into practice.  The challenge is made even harder when it is a lot at stack when your are under pressure.

What about funding in Melbourne - borrowing money to fund a development project is quite different to borrowing money to buy and hold land as investment property.  Firstly, the interest rate is 1-2% higher and the banks will lend you approximately 60-70% Loan to Value Ratio (LVR). In addition, all banks require an expert Project Manager/Superintendent to manage your project.

Why is Melbourne Property Investors' managed Project so successful?

Our Directors have delivered, advised and project managed over $2.58 billion in real estate projects in Melbourne alone.

We Are Melbourne - We specialise in Property Development in Melbourne

 We Are Melbourne - Project Manager & Superintendent

We Are Melbourne - Project Manager & Superintendent


Melbourne Property Investors offers a proven experience in project management in residential apartments and commercial projects.

Our strength is our proven experience in delivering major residential apartment projects from conception to completion (end to end), feasibility studies, design & planning applications, sales & marketing strategies, legal, branding, project launch, documentation, tendering, construction management, handover/defects, settlements and handover.

From our qualifications and experience, we usually turn your project around more quickly than you could on your own because we manage your project on your behalf.  We think of as a partnership to improve your development, in terms of profitability and your ultimate success.

Qualifications & Memberships

  • Certified Property Practitioner
  • Master Degree of Property (Property Development & Feasibility)
  • Master Degree of Business (Finance)
  • Certified Building Practitioner (Government)
  • Bachelor of Engineering
  • Graduate Diploma of Valuation
  • Advanced Building & Construction
  • Registered Full License Estate Agent in Victoria
  • Australian Institute of Project Management
  • Member of Australian Finance Group

Project Success is Everything

  • We are successful in creating and delivering high rise residential apartment projects.
  • We are one of the most qualified, certified and experienced project managers in Melbourne
  • We have extensive experience in working with developers/investors with local operations and overseas headquarters
  • We have experienced Chinese speakers that can communicate to overseas boards/investors group
  • We have good relationship with Council  & Victorian Government
  • We understand the financier’s requirements to reach Financial Close for the project
  • Melbourne Property Investors has dealings with all major construction financiers and will be acceptable as a Project Manager & Superintendent to a funder in the case the project is sourcing finance locally
  • We are successful in selecting, negotiating the build price and management the Head Contractor.

We have Chinese Speakers


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