How Does It Work?


Everything we do at Melbourne Property Investors revolves around helping people to achieve their financial goals via investment.

What's more, we can relieve the stress of buying and owning an investment property.

Lets us help you achieve your financial goals....

1. We talk to you about your financial situation and your goals

We find out everything we can about your current financial situation and analyse all your income, expense, occupation, assets, liabilities and your current position of equity.  Using this information,  Melbourne Property Investors creates a complete customised solution to meet your specific needs, and prepare a full feasibility study designed specifically for you.

2. Why is Melbourne Property Investors proven property investment strategic so successful?

Melbourne Property Investors' clients experience incredible level of success because we do the heavy lifting for you.

Our clients enjoy the end to end service for all their property needs and high level of knowledge of expertise of the Melbourne markets.

Like all professions the quality of property advice to where and what you buy will affect your return on investment, which can vary from exceptional to poor.  Unfortunately, the consequences of poor property advice can be extreme as the loss of a lifetimes worth of savings.

Choosing the best Property Advisor is a very important decision - the stakes are high!

Would you allow a assistant surgeon to operate on you who does not have a specialist degree and years of surgical experience?

With Melbourne Property Investors you have the following experience at your fingertips-

Qualifications & Memberships

  • Certified Property Practitioner
  • Master Degree of Property (Property Selection and Acquisition)
  • Master Degree of Business (Finance)
  • Graduate Diploma of Valuation
  • Certified Building Practitioner
  • Member of Australian Finance Group

We believe that our expertise and knowledge is of the highest level in Australia.  Our clients are always up to date with the latest strategies and can can be confident that they are buying a quality investment property.


3. What is Property Advisory?

Property - Bricks and Mortar

Buying a property to rent out is a popular form of investment.  Houses and units are easier to understand than many other forms of investments.  However, they do have some issues that you need to be aware of. 

Pros and Cons and Property Investment

The Benefits:

  • Property can be less volatile than shares or other investments
  • You can earn high rental income and benefit from capital growth
  • If you take out a loan to purchase an investment property the interest on the loan is tax deductible
  • You are investing in something you can see and touch
  • You are in full control of the investments
  • You can benefit from the long term growth of the investments
  • You are able to make a positive change to the way you live today and the future

The Pitfalls:

  • In the early years rental income does not usually cover all your expenses
  • A jump in interest rates will affect your return
  • There may be periods where you don't have a tenant and will have to cover all costs yourself
  • Bad tenants are just around the corner
  • You can't sell off a bedroom if you need to access some cash
  • Only 5% of all investment property is quality - that is "A Grade" investment

Buying an investment property - where and what you buy will affect your return on investment

4. Why Melbourne Property Investors is so successful at picking the right investment property for their clients?

Buying an investment property - where and what you buy will affect your return on investment.

Melbourne Property Investors' clients experience incredible levels of success because of Melbourne Property Investors' proven method of property selection.

Successful proven approach:

  • Access to a complete full feasibility study
  • Access to complete property investment analysis to help people answer their own what and ifs about property investment, helping them work out their own specific investment capacity and budget including your tax situation
  • Buy in high-growth area where there is potential for capital gains
  • Look for properties that will appeal to tenants
  • Research recent sale price to give to match
  • Buy in a hot location suburb
  • Best property value to invest
  • Shortlist properties
  • Price limit target property
  • Full negotiate and bid for the property
  • Physically inspection the location (property tour)
  • Recommending two top-rated the best property to one client only


5. What happens when I join Melbourne Property Investors as a Member?

Upon joining, it normally takes 4-5 weeks to locate, negotiate and secure an off the market property that is right for YOU.

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A free consultation with Melbourne Property Investors is an opportunity to gain an insight to your current financial situation and we will prepare a full feasibility study for you.